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Drift Hunter is an investigative documentary project about the hidden side of Japanese automotive culture. It is the first in-depth insider look at the underground touge scene in Japan from a western perspective. Watch the full current playlist now or check out the introduction video.

Drift Hunter Is An Amazing Smoke-Filled Documentary Series All Petrolheads Must
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Welcome to Gunma prefecture, the real life setting of Initial D. Drift Hunter the documentary series is very literally, the anime come to life. And its every bit as intruiging as you could imagine.

Explore the rift between fantasy and reality in the exact same locations, mountain roads and the real life equivalent of the car scene featured in the anime and manga series.

(Images on left from Initial D World Facebook page)

Who are the drift hunters?

This project is being brought to you by Albo, a Youtuber and Filmmaker from Toronto, Canada along with a small collaboration of creative individuals, enthusiasts and Japanese 走り屋 (street racers) who are passionate about keeping car culture traditions alive. This is a documentary for fans, by fans.


In-depth articles, behind-the-scenes shots, and tantalizing raw footage.
Browse the most recent special bonus features below.

  • Initial Dreams
  • Hachiroku in Myogi
  • First night
  • Lining up
  • Lights
  • Haruna Lake

Here, Take This!

As a thank you for checking out Drift Hunter, please feel free to grab a copy of the Drift Hunter e-photobook.